For Denominational Leaders

I have known Jeff since December, 2012, when he began serving one of our Northern Plains Regional churches experiencing severe conflict. I have found him to be gifted, skilled and a team player. As a denominational leader, I regularly worked with Jeff online and face to face. He was always congenial and open to suggestions. He can help any church face its issues and make adjustments under the Lordship of Christ.

Pastor Phyl Putz, North American Baptist Regional Minister

Foster Ongoing Transformation Among District Churches

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Healthy and growing churches build healthy and growing denominations

As a denominational leader, you likely desire (but may lack the time) to

  • Better understanding of the ongoing health and growth of churches you oversee
  • Guide churches in your district out of crisis or decline into a season of growth
  • Increase financial commitment from churches in your district
  • Assess, equip, and coach or mentor your own district staff
  • Visit distant churches as regularly as you’d like

With our 30 years of ministry experience, Patheway can be a vital resource to supplement your district staff, enabling your district to accomplish more. Patheway Ministries is flexible and adaptable to your needs!

  • We embrace the values of your denomination and your district staff
  • We seek to be an organic expression of the denominational district’s initiatives
  • Doing so lets us foster a more meaningful connection between the church and its district staff
  • We provide objectivity to help interact with churches that may not align entirely with your district’s values
  • Consistent reporting across all churches in the district, enabling you to know the health of churches relative to each other
  • Much of our ministry focuses on churches with attendance less than 400 and situated in rural, small town, and suburban communities

Patheway Ministries offers an affordable solution

  • Much of our ministry is self-supported, thus your and your churches are not burdened by high costs
  • As much of our process is repeatable and readily transferable, this reduces or even elliminates ongoing costs
  • Skills include leadership development, disciple-making, pastoral search team training, evangelism and community outreach organization, conflict resolution, constitution & bylaws revisioning, vision development, building/captical campaign organization

These cost savings extend the financial and leadership resources of every church and district

Learn more about Patheway Ministries’ process. Email Patheway Ministires, give us a call, or schedule your free initial consultation below to investigate how best Patheway can help you.