About Patheway Ministries

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Over the next five years, build vital partnerships with denominational leaders, church leadership and fellow believers to strategically engage and fund effective Kingdom work through the local church.


Equipping and Empowering leaders, pastors, and their churches to find their way to greater Gospel impact.


  • Gospel-centered – serve out of the core belief that Jesus came to offer unmerited transforming grace and mercy to all who would receive it.
  • Excellence – strive to give the best possible service.
  • Integrity – unwaveringly maintain biblical morality in personal and professional life.
  • Identify Reality – courageously discern the true condition of health and the obstacles to growth.
  • Gracious Truth-telling – communicate reality in a non-judgmental manner so as to promote restoration and growth.
  • Sacrifice – serve out of a heart of selflessness towards others rather than privilege toward self.
  • Servanthood – labor out of a heart of deference towards others rather than presume upon others.


To equip and empower leaders, pastors and their churches find the way to greater Gospel impact.