For Churches in Transition

Jeff possesses a healthy level of ‘cool’ confidence even in the midst of chaos.  It’s clearly a spiritual gift.  His leadership was vital to not only stop the bleeding, but more importantly to help us develop a vision for the future it played in furthering the Kingdom. This included vision casting and instrumental guidance on how to pursue our next lead pastor.

Lead Your Church through a Transition

Perhaps your church 

  • Recently lost a pastor…and needs to find the best one in a timely manner
  • Is experiencing significant conflict… and needs to build a culture of peace and reconciliation
  • Struggles financially… and needs help with generosity and wise stewardship
  • Is undergoing loss of membership… and needs to understand why
  • Lacks enough leaders… and needs a leadership development pipeline
  • Falls short in impacting the community with the gospel… and needs coaching on evangelism and outreach

Moving through the transition may be rather unclear for you and any church leader. Your church needs:

  • Timely encouragement that God is ultimately in control and his purposes are beyond our understanding
  • Vital prayer to foster humble dependence on God, leading us to the His path of transformation
  • Genuine affirmation of your church’s strengths, where there is a depth of godly character and ministry excellence
  • Strategic instruction in developing an active congregation, connecting with your community, fostering disciple-making, creating a culture of peace, encouraging generosity, discovering and communicating your church’s vision
  • Insightful understanding of gaps and weaknesses as underlying factors contributing to the crisis

Patheway Ministries’ assessment process leverages over 30 years of ministry experience to provide objective insights into your church’s current situation in context with its history. This will

  • Reduce confusion, in the midst of hurting
  • Name blindspot and issues
  • Clarify a path through the transition
  • Energize the body and its leaders
  • Help leaders strategically steward current resources

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