For Churches Desiring Growth

Pastor Jeff’s objectivity, experience, wisdom, and discernment enabled him to see issues we were blind to and propose solutions based on his diverse experience that were effective in addressing concerns.

Take Your Church to the Next Level

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Though your church seeks to expand its impact on the Kingdom, the pathway forward may not necessarily be clear. Your church needs:

  • Emboldening with knowledge of how to take that next step
  • Vital prayer to foster humble dependence on God, leading us to the His path of transformation
  • Genuine affirmation of your church’s strengths, where there is a depth of godly character and ministry excellence
  • Strategic instruction in developing an active congregation, connecting with your community, fostering disciple-making, creating a culture of peace, encouraging generosity, discovering and communicating your church’s vision
  • Insightful understanding of gaps and weaknesses which may be holding your church back

Patheway Ministries’ assessment process leverages over 30 years of ministry experience to provide objective insights into your church’s current situation in context with its history. This will

  • Reduce confusion, during a season of many changes
  • Name blindspot and issues
  • Clarify a path out forward to the next level
  • Energize the body and its leaders
  • Help leaders wisely conserve resources

Patheway Ministries can meet your needs for growing your church by serving as a part-time “Adjunct Pastor” or “Ministry Project Manager.” In this capacity, we can develop key concepts for the ministry, plan upcoming work, coach leaders in the area, and equip volunteers and staff for a period of time before transitioning those responsibilities to church staff or volunteers. Examples of such initiatives could include:

  • Designing or redesigning a small group ministry
  • Developing an assimilation or outreach ministry
  • Guiding a church through the visioning process

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