For Business Leaders and Pastors Desiring Coaching

His vast experience and insightful questions brought fresh perspective to issues I was facing. He also challenged me to maintain focus on the goals and direction that needed to be pursued. But as important as all of that is, I most appreciated his concern for my personal and spiritual development during this season of ministry. I highly recommend Jeff LoCaste as a coach.

Lead Your Organization in Integrity to Greater Heights

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Everyone needs a little one-on-one coaching sometimes. This direct mentoring arrangement is all about you, your needs, and guiding you to along your individual journey.

Are you a pastor or business leader who

  •  Is looking for inspiration?
  •  Feels stuck or run-down in your current situation?
  •  Wants to learn and grow quickly?

One-on-one coaching brings all 30 years of experience Patheway has to bear on your current situation.

  • Coaching provides a safe place for you to express yourself and concerns to someone who will truly listen and encourage you.
  • Coaching helps you gain perspective through the lens of an experienced coach.
  • Coaching fast-tracks your growth by tailoring your development around your specific context.
  • Coaching holds you accountable to progressing on the goals you establish.

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