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We have 20 YEARS of EFFECTIVE church LEADERSHIP, COACHING and CONSULTING experience in a variety of roles - serving RURAL, SMALL TOWN and SUBURBAN churches with weekend attendance ranging between 100 and 2,400 - and regularly assist churches to grow through the 200 and 400 barriers! We have served 5 denominations (EFCA, Converge, NAB, CBA, SBC) in multiple states (CA, PA, WI, MN, ND) and Canada.  Talk to us today about how we can EQUIP and EMPOWER you to REALIZE God's intended future for your leadership teams and congregation!

Our Approach

Patheway let's you customize how much or how little assistance you prefer as you seek to REVITALIZE or MAXIMIZE the effectiveness of your leadership teams and congregation - there is no "one-size fits all" mindset! Through personal interviews, simple surveys, focus groups and unity building gatherings we create a GOSPEL-CENTERED, BIBLICALLY SOUND and REPEATABLE process that helps you identify the obstacles to be removed and the opportunities to be pursued. We also provide a comprehensive report that includes a thorough ministry assessment and plan with suggested timelines and milestones. Additionally, we offer the learning resources that will help you REALIZE your vision.

Why Us?

Simply put - We help you DISCOVER and REALIZE your unique God-given vision! Church leadership is unique and demanding! What other organizations have an eternal impact and are nearly 100% staffed by volunteers? Patheway understands the dynamics of successfully leading there! And we provide a REPEATABLE process that helps you discover your unique God-given vision and equips you to encourage, empower, and release your congregation to make that vision a reality...and the following vision a reality...and the one after that!


To be inspired by testimonies, tools and resources for your journey!

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